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Testimonial 1

I first came to ReSource seeking help dealing with the death of a loved one. I walked away with a vastly improved understanding of my own motivations and sense of control over my own life. My counsellor has helped me to turn a series of what I viewed as tragic setbacks into a series of great leaps forward. It's a very positive thing that concerned, yet objective professional feedback brings to bear upon emotional and otherwise subjective experiences ..... it's been like having a "personal trainer" for my brain.

Testimonial 2

I contacted ReSource the Counselling Centre after struggling for many years with what I thought was severe PMS. In truth, I was anxious and depressed, struggling with life issues and frustrated with my doctor's suggestion of trying Prozac. My counsellor at ReSource proved to be a fantastic source of support. Her non-directive and non-judgmental approach enabled me to explore a number of painful past experiences and to understand their impact on my subsequent expectations, beliefs, feelings and behaviour. I was listened to and supported, but felt free to determine the content of each session. My experience with ReSource has been a profoundly positive one. Over a year of counsellng, my depression and anxiety lifted significantly. I was able to stop smoking and I feel a much greater sense of power and peace in my life. I still have life-issues to resolve, but that's OK now and I feel able to cope.

Testimonial 3

"Your chosen occupation must provide an insight into many different lives and I am sure that sometimes this must carry an enormous amount of responsibility and stress. Should you ever question if it is worthwhile just remember me and remind yourself the profound positive changes I was able to make with your help and guidance. Thank you."

Testimonial 4

"Dear Resource The Counselling Centre,

I write to appreciate the professional counselling service provided by my Counsellor during my face-to-face personal counselling process during the past 3 months.

Before counselling, I was little bit depressed on such old stuff that worried me for years, from family issue, love and personal issue. My counsellor has done an excellent job to assess my situation first by good listening and feedback. I've been guided to re-think many in-depth questions that were beyond my thinking scope before but did help me to clarify my personal problem step-by-step. I do agree that long-lasting problem would not be resolved all at once but I think I have started a very good start in the helping hands and guidance of my counsellor. I do respect the profession of counselling after this good experience. And I will introduce other people in need to try your professional services.

Hope every success of your esteemed centre in the future and sincerely hope you all can help more people in need in the society.


Testimonial 5

I started therapy sessions at The Resource in June of 2006 because I needed help with issues regarding work, family and life in general. A friend of mine suggested it because he was happy with the help he received and the affordability of the therapy.

What prevented me from seeking therapy to begin with was the cost, not every expat in Hong Kong can afford HK$1,500 per session in many other counselling services, what has kept me coming back is the concern and guidance I have received from my counsellor.

This has been a difficult year for me; and as a result I have faced many challenges. Without the counsellor's support and without the existence of a centre such as The Resource I wouldn't have been able to deal with all the stress. I have felt great improvement to my life and mental health since my first session and will soon be wrapping up therapy. However, I hope that The Resource will continue to offer affordable counseling services to the public for many years to come.

Thank You Resource.

Testimonial 6

RESOURCE is a caring and supportive psychological centre offering timely and sensible counselling to those who feel that they are about to tumble and collapse or who feel that their heartstrings are about to be broken. The two counsellors I have sought advice from, are very friendly and patient when listening and responding to my problems, and can always give me down-to-earth suggestions and heart-warming comfort. I will always leave the centre with a sense of relief and a ray of hope. Both counsellors can remember very well what I have previously shared with them, and at appropriate times refer back to some of those details, partly thanks to their painstaking note-taking and partly thanks to their enviably good memory. This adds to my feeling of being genuinely cared about and respected, and thus I have the motivation to keep visiting the centre quite regularly. One counsellor's use of visual images and concrete examples to help me understand some philosophical ideas is found helpful and impressive. Above all, the empathy the counsellors offer and the reasonably low consultation fee, thanks to all the kind and generous sponsors, can explain why RESOURCE is the ideal oasis for someone whose spiritual life has run dry as if in a desert.

Testimonial 7

I sought the guidance of ReSource The Counselling Centre in April 2010, and have benefited from its professional service and welcoming atmosphere since. Being able to talk through and receive feedback on issues specific to life, especially in hectic, stressful Hong Kong, has been most helpful, and I would fully recommend this counselling service to anyone in need of a listening ear.

Testimonial 8

It was so hard for me to admit that I was depressed and that I couldn't help myself. I let myself get to the breaking point with the pressure from every day life and didn't know how to get relief from the pain. I was embarrassed and so scared of what counselling would do to me. But I committed to it and decided that I would help myself by learning from someone who had knowledge; compassion and training. When I felt guilty for being depressed and spending money on counselling, my counsellor said to me : " If your hair grows too long and unkempt, what do you do ? You get a hair cut. So when your mind gets cluttered, depressed, and upset you go to a counsellor who can help you cut that out of your life." That put things in to perspective for me and I will never regret the money I spent for counselling. My 2 years with ReSource has equipped me with tools to experience life positively and I am so grateful. I am looking forward to living my life in reality and enjoying it ! 

Thank you.

Testimonial 9

I want to thank my counsellor for her help in the past few weeks. Talking to her had helped me tremendously, to clear up a lot of my doubts and fears that I've been carrying around for so many years. And now I have the confidence to proactively try to make a change in myself, in my personal development and in my relationship with my loved ones. I've identified few areas I need to work on to avoid falling back into the "traps", where it is so easy to fall into with many stress factors in life, and be more conscious when I am making big decisions and changes. Meanwhile, I do hope that more people can hear about ReSource The Counselling Centre Ltd and be able to benefit from the great team they have.

Take care !

Testimonial 10

I have been seeking for counselling service in ReSource for more than half year. With the aim of curing my psychological illnesses and other personal goals, I work with the counsellor using a mindfulness based approach. I found that my self awareness has been significantly improving. I can aware more of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors that used to come across in a habitual way, making me more pessimistic. Now, I have improvement on taking control of my feelings and thoughts that I am more able to view things in different ways. Apart from that, my impulsiveness has been weakening as I learned how to calm using mindfulness. Actually, this meditation alike method was pretty new to me that I had a doubt whether it is useful or whether it suits me at the very first beginning. But my confidence on this raises with practices, I found it is an effective and amazing way to feel the moment of here and now. I can just simply put down the troubles, worries, fears and any other negative feelings but focus on the moment I have. Through this, I feel being alive. It is pretty much surprising. My condition is improvement with our effort, still I believe there are some we can go further, making the ideal self and the actual self closer and closer in order to have a healthy mental condition.

Testimonial 11

ReSource has been so important for me. Without it offering the services it has I don’t know what I would have done. An amazing thing and is truly changing my life.

Testimonial 12 

I love my counsellor and have never had a better counsellor.  I see improvement after every session and after each time I apply what I’ve learned with her.